Facility Inspections

DAC recommends that every business, corporation and public entity begin with an accessibility survey report. The accessibility survey report draws attention to deficiencies or items that are not within compliant regulations. Items or elements that do not meet minimum specifications for requirements of compliance are recorded, and noted into a report. This is often referred to as a barrier removal or transition plan.

How long does the inspection process take?

The size and type of facility, along with the number of elements contained, determines the inspection time. Most inspections can be performed in just a few hours, large facility or site inspections can take longer.

Small business locations such as quick service restaurants, retail spaces and convenience stores can expect to have a facility inspection report delivered quickly, thanks to the revolutionary DACTrak compliance processing and reporting service.

What types of facilities should be inspected?

Accessibility Specialists

All of our inspectors receive extensive and comprehensive in-house training. We then certify them through the International Code Council (the ICC). ICC publishes the Uniform Building Code (the UBC) and has a special certification for Accessibility Specialists and plans reviewers. All of our Accessibility Specialists have been required to pass fingerprint background checks.

DAC does not use outside contractors or sub-contractors to perform inspections or surveys.

Detailed report of non-compliant findings

The end results of our inspection is a detailed report of the findings of non-compliance and a proposed action required to meet compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or state regulations, or related access standards.

See Technology for more information about reports.
Facility Survey Report

Our Accessibility Survey Report provides much more than just listing items that are out of compliance. Knowing how to bring the item into compliance is important. Knowing which requirement you must meet (federal, state or other) is another important factor. Add the ability to have estimated and actual cost for each item and you begin to have a real plan you can work with.

Compliance Management

Management of ComplianceTracking your compliance has never been easier. With our management tools you can create a budget, track costs, set progress, add dates of estimated and actual completion, organize contractors and architects, make unlimited notes, view photos, print reports and much more.