DACTrak is designed to deliver accessibility survey reports of your facilities to your internet browser, where you can view, print or save your report. There is no software to install and you can access your reports at any time.

All types of facilities can be inspected using DACTrak Reporting PDF

Quick Service Restaurants, retail spaces and Convenience Stores are examples of facilities that can expect near instantaneous results from our DACTrak inspection and reporting system. The results of a facility survey are available at any time from any location with a web browser and an internet connection. Manager of larger facilities will also see their reports quickly generated once all elements of the facility are evaluated.

DACTrak is available in two service levels

Basic service
The basic service provides on-line access to view and print your reports. This level of service is designed for those who may only need a report and do not need the compliance tracking features of the premium service. Basic service includes the basic photo report. The basic level of service may be upgraded to premium at any time.

Premium service
The premium service provides complete compliance and tracking features as well as customized reporting.

View Sample Report Sample reporting PDF

DACTrak generated reports can be downloaded into several file storage formats, allowing clients to easily save reports for offline viewing. Files can then also be emailed, adhering to Green standards. Download and view sample report generated from DACTrak.

DACTrak Accessibility Survey Report Accessibility Survey Reporting PDF

After a facility inspection is complete, the survey results are made available on DACTrak where you can browse through the results that identify areas of non compliance. With DACTrak you can get the results of the facility survey online any time.

DACTrak Reports with Extended Compliance Management Management Compliance

DACTrak also offers a central point to manage, budget and track your compliance progress. If you need a compliance management system, extending DACTrak Reports with compliance management is easy to do, and available any time.